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Looking for hard to find Asian, Indian or Mid-eastern cooking ingredients?

Come visit our store and check out our vast array of groceries!

We carry premium produce such as Shang-hai bok choy, bitter melon, galanga, lemongrass, chilies, and much more!

We offer the finest selection of imported cooking sauces, marinades, spices, soup bases, and cooking pastes; for example fish sauces, soy sauces, chili sauces, sesame oils, curry pastes, bean sauces, etc.
In addition, we stock a unique collection of dry and fresh noodles and rice selections. We have authentic oriental noodles ranging from Chinese chow mein, Vietnamese pho noodles, lo mein, Japanese udon, to instant noodles and everything in between. Our store carries many sizes and varieties of white jasmine rice, brown rice, red, and sweet.

Come see our exotic line of canned fruits and pickled vegetables.

We carry Asian, Indian and Mid-eastern cookies and popular snacks, for instance jackfruit, lychee, almond cookies, rice cakes, sour plums and tamarinds.
We have many coolers of frozen fishes and seafood, as well as egg roll, lumpia, and wonton wraps.

Looking for drinking beverages and teas? We have that too! Choose from green teas, jasmine, oolong, ginseng, soymilk, jellies, and so much more!

At Pacific Rim Market, we carry quality Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern groceries from many regions around the world such as Vietnam, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, India, and other Southeastern Asian countries.
Come and visit our store, so you can start cooking your favorite exotic Asian, Middle Eastern or Indian Foods today!

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